Oke guys this is the chance of a lifetime to play in an actual operational Themepark. You dont wanna miss out on this one, I asure you. For more information click here

  Agimont copy.jpg

We are proud to announce we have a new sponsor that will see us visit there awesome site on a regular basis. Please checkout there site www.agimont.be



Back from The Tippmann Challange UK



Oke this game goes into the books as one of the most awesome big games ever made by man!! And we have to thank Tim Barnet and Al Murray for that. These are the guys that made this event possible. I dont believe a UK game has ever had so many international players coming over. We met guys from New Sealand, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Malta you name it and they were there!! I was also very happy with the big amount of fellow Dutch players. We all know eachother, but playing together like this was just a dream come true. I wanna thank Madball and Fubar for the great times on and of the feeld. Fighting alongside them, the dutchguys got nicknamed “The Swaffel Battalion” pretty fast and took one objective after another. This event was the longest running game in the world and run for 54 hours day and night. And in the end we had a huge win over the bleu team. Even at the awards after the event we fell in a few prizes. Winning the 1st prize the Tippmann Crossover marker. We coulndt be happier! We want to thank everyone from all the refs who were on the feeld all 54 hours, the guys from Tippmann, Shoreline and there Rangers to the guys who arranged the food, drinks and techsupport. Everybody did an amazing job. pictures here.


Back to the Future


Photo 20-03-12 13 36 58.jpg

 Still all sore from running all this weekend. But it was a weekend to remember. We might have lost the war playing as the baddies. We sure won a few battles. Playing together with our brothers in arms the Dog Soldiers. The maroon was well represented and made a good impact. Looking forward to our next meet up. Pictures here.


Hammerhead sponsorship

Everybody in the sport knows the hammerhead barrels! I personally love them, and own a few different ones. We met the head of the hammerhead company, Robert and Paul Judson at OK DDay 2009. Where we recieved 2 brand new MoFo barrels from them. Now in the end of 2011 we will recieve laser inscripted barrels for the entire team. And hope to help out this company to keep producing the best precision barrels in the world. For this deal we have to thank one of our main sponsors Tim Barnett of Shoreline. Thanks to all!


Again A prize at the UK Scenario awards

We totally didnt expect it to happen, so we were very happy to hear we won the award for ¨Outstanding overseas Contribution to the UK Scenario Paintball¨ for the second time in a row!! We want to thank all the players and voters for your support. We really apriciate it alot.


Return from Call to Duty 3 Croatia

This was an event like no other. Speedboat entries, intense heat, rough terrain and bunkers with tunnel systems attached. What more can we ask! We want to thank everybody who made this possible.

Oklahoma DDay 2011

First of we want to thank Jay and the rest of the guys from Angel alot, for taking care of us at the event. Thanks for lending the air tanks and the great service, we really apriciate it. Hope to see you guys again soon!

We talked about it on the plane back! This was the best DDay so far. It was a very intense week. With tempratures very high just as the humidity. You have to hydrate all day long. And walk up and down those hills with all your gear and more. But in the end its all more then worth it. The commonwealth selected the Jackals and one comrade of the Dog Soldier (UK) To be part of a special mission. At game on we would start in the church at Coleville. Surrounded by hundreds of germans. With a total of 25 people, including pro players of team Ironman and Virtue. Our mission is to hold the church untill releaved....................................................and so we did!! Here also give me some more time to edit the video's, for the first pictures press here!!



Return from Tippmann Challange France

Yes we were there!! I couldnt make this one personally, had to save my money and time for Oklahoma DDay. But my fellow teammates had a great time and awesome games. Pictures here.




Veckring big game

Nice a good old fasioned Veckring big game. Pictures here.


Back from Call to Duty 2

A little late but still, here it is. A little report on our return from CtD2. This event was mind blowing. The night game was like no other!! Air alarm, tanks that are on fire, you name it. It all came together to make this an experiance we will trasure for a looooooong time. Even our Commonwealth friend Commish flew over from Canada to attend this awesome event. We have quit some video footage but no time to edit it to a nice video. As soon as i get the time ill share it with you all. We do have some pictures here.


Back from D10

We had a great weekend in nottingham UK. The Super 6 event is more then worth visiting. 

Ghost wrote an extensive report about the D10 event on Catshack Reports here



New Sponsor Deal

Yes we made a new Marker deal with our marker sponsor ANGEL. We now not only have the Angel A1 Fly but also there new and improved AR:K Angel. We want to thank Angel again for letting us use there equipment that gives us the edge on the field!


UK Scenario Awards

We are very honoured and happy to recieve the award for ¨Outstanding Overseas Contribution to UK Scenario Paintball¨ We want to thank all our UK friends for making this possible. This is the pad on the shoulder that lets us realise we are going the right way with our Team efforts. Again Thanks to everyone!



Call to Duty

We have been to good games and even great games! But this was just absolutely awesome! We made a litte video shown below worth checking! Pictures are up here.



I'm really happy to announce our new sponsor for 2011. Shoreline is Europe's leading paintball scenario organiser. All there games are worth visiting time and again. Have a look at Shoreline.

shoreline black.jpg


The Tippmann Challenge

 We are back from a succesfull weekend of paintball at the Tippmann Challange UK. We had a great weekend, and great laughs with our English comrads! For pics press here. The After battle report is on its way. And will be displayed here. I made a small little film when we were overrun by the GSS at the castle i hope you like it!

1st place at the Dutch scenario competition


We had some very heavy battles at the competition. The first fight against Dutch Legion we knew we had to bring our ¨A¨ game. So we played highly agressive and this proved to work extremely well in our favour. After pushing them back to there own deadbox we even took there base. They asked for a restart and we repeated our gameplan from our 1st respawn and pushed them back to there own deadbox again. Winning this first match with 86-22 made the difference for the entire day.

Our 2nd fight was against Enigma who proved to be a fears opponent. Ending up in a draw 54-54.

Our 3rd fight was against ADHD. They made a tactical move we did not expect and cought us off guard. But we managed to anticipate on there move and correct our mistakes and winning the game 77-31. 

Our 4th fight was against the Praetorians, just as the match against Enigma this was an all out war! Taking each others bases back and forth. It went up pretty even. But in the end we won with 56-52.

Bringing the final score to:

The Jackals:  273 

Enigma:  212

The Praetorians: 202

Dutch Legion: 199

ADHD: 132

We want to thank all the teams for this very fun and intense day of paintball. Also Team Fubar for organizing and good reffing that day. And the field owner for letting us use the field. pics here

For more information: The Dutch Scenario competition

The Catshackreport here


Oklahoma D-Day 2010 update

Here are the first pictures and day reports of Oklahoma D-Day. Reports are written by our good UK friends Al of ¨Tippmann Scotland¨ and Yorky of ¨Dog Soldiers¨. For the pictures press here. And for film material press here.



day 1          day 2          day 3          day 4          day 5          day 6 D-Day

North vs South

North vs South in Coldmeece (UK) was an awesome event. With an original idea of the voting booths. We had a great time and thank Warped for the great event. See pics here!




Officially sponsored by Angel and Paintball Supplies

We want to thank our sponsors that give us the opertunity to use there superior products in our endless effort to get to the top of Scenario Paintball. We will make them proud and hope for a long lasting partnership!!

The Jackals

 We are a Dutch paintball team that playes woodsball! We organized our own senarios, rented pieces of forrest or play on official paintball fields against our Belgian Rivals.

This or we would go to international paintball events all over the world. The jackals made there start in October 1998.

With our team that is build up out of a significant amount of ex- and even current Dutch Marine Corp. We began to focus more on the prestige element in the game. Ofcourse we still have alot of fun!! And enjoy the weekend or even the week off.